Just wanted to say that I’ll be gone for a few weeks. I was going to post some sort of art with this but then life happened and I ran out of time. Eh.

Cheers all, I’ll be back in a while. :)

I… I love red heads.

I… I love red heads.

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huh, I’ve never done one of these things before. I also can’t think of 11 new people to tag so I’ll just answer the questions.


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Yes, let’s all go to the loading bay, shall we?

The first thing I put on this tumblr was ethos/deimos. I had to go back and make sure these weren’t the exactly the same. And they’re not, you know,  *exactly* the same. Guess my tastes haven’t changed much…



Happy belated birthday Hamletmachine! Hope you had a great day.

Apparently I started this tumblr a year ago. In that time I’ve drawn a lot of starfighter fan art, I hope you don’t mind, it’s just so much fun. 

Do you know that I love this picture? Every time i look at it i imagine the two in the bed chattering away like  ”omg, and totes for real, it was like sooo awesome, lol, ikr? omg -giggle giggle giggle-” and Cook is staring out the window watching the stars go by thinking “jfc what did I do with my life”. maybe thats just my brain being weird, but thats what I’m taking away here

Ah haha, yup, I think that’s pretty much what I was going for. Oh Cook, ilu so much



Eh heh, everyone had to be thinking this while watching/reading it

Guys! Page 21! Ethos, Deimos! I’m so excited!

Guys! Page 21! Ethos, Deimos! I’m so excited!

Anonymous said: mind sharing your brush settings? :3

Sure, I usually use the standard hard round, sized about 9ish. Sometimes I use the conte pencil or pastel rough texture from dry brushes. I have some oil/gouache brushes sets, but I don’t use them that often. I… have no brush skills. 

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